Fwd: reminders for tonight

Subject: reminders for tonight

Don’t forget the AV entries, tonight, for those who are entering the competition.

3 Way Matching competition practice – needs everyone, or as many as possible, to bring in about 10-15 photos or the game won’t work. No particular topic, but include some ‘way out’ different ones, you’ll see why as we get started.

The photos should ideally be at least A4, mounted or unmounted (if unmounted, we’ll prop them against a piece of card for display).

We need to split into teams. Each team will need to select about 25 to 35 of all the prints their team members have brought in. We’ll play about 20 rounds, leaving some spare to pick from.

We’ll also need to select an unbiased judge (this may be the biggest challenge of the night) or two members could share this high pressure role.

You guessed – tonight’s meeting will be a bit of fun if enough members take part. If not, we could be home by 8:30 (or there’s always some Dubai pictures)