What’s on: Monday evening – 10th April

Monday 10th April – what’s on?

Little Gems competition.
As mentioned last week, this is for members to bring in two prints on the night – maximum size of print is 5x7inch, they don’t have to be mounted, but they generally lay flat easier if they are, and look a little better. Entries are anonymous, members vote for them by number and the results are announced when counting has finished.

Question time.
No questions have been sent to me, yet, so I assume we’re all happy to have a general discussion and include a few queries as we go along.
One thought – if you’ve entered images for a competition and disagreed with, or didn’t understand, the feedback/criticism given, or if they suggested some amendments and you want some help to start making them, bring the image(s) on a memory stick and we’ll see what we can do.
These could be:
– ‘using aperture to control depth of field (to make the background blurred);
– increasing interest by using a foreground object;
– using fill-in flash to soften shadows or show detail in the dark parts;
– sharpening the image (essential with almost all images taken in digital cameras.
(note – if you prefer to use your own system on your own laptop, bring it in and we can try to set it up for everyone to see on the projector, while you drive it)

Or, if you want help understanding the competition categories – let us know which one and we’ll go through where to find the details, and help to explain them.

Don’t forget, if you’ve a question about your camera, please bring the instruction manual AND your camera and we’ll find someone to help out. Interestingly, nobody mentioned user manuals at our ‘my favourite accessory’ evening – and I always keep the manual for my camera and my flashgun in the bag, with the camera and flashgun. I’ve never had a good memory, and now – well, I can’t even remember what I was going to put next…..

see you Monday night

As it’s half term, there should be no group in before us