Fwd: Photoshoot 21st August and ‘Barnsley on Film’

Subject: Photoshoot 21st August and ‘Barnsley on Film’

Evening all

I’ve been asked to circulate the flier, below, round you all as some of you may be interested, or know someone else who may be.

Also – our next and final summer photoshoot is on Monday 21st August – 6pm at the Emmanuel, or 6:20 (ish) at the car park near the cafe/restaurant at Cannon Hall.

If it rains a little, we’ll all get wet. If it rains a lot, you’ll all get wet.

Hope you’ve been keeping the dust off your cameras over the summer.


From: Brian Rowe, Friends of Barnsley Archives.

If possible could you please circulate to your membership the attached flyer giving details of our forthcoming event.

Thank you


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