Fwd: Newmillerdam visit and sunset

Subject: Newmillerdam visit and sunset

Monday evening photo shoot.

After suffering the hot sun for a few days, what could be better than watching it disappear and give us a colourful sunset?

Five of us (and a new visitor who may join us later) travelled miles and miles last night, almost as far as Wakefield, to get shots of the expected sunset which did not disappoint (see attached).

As well as the other two trips we have planned, some of you may prefer a day out at Penistone Armed Forces Day on Saturday 24th June. Details can be found at www.penistonearmedforcesday.co.uk and the website assures everyone that there will be a fly-past by a Lancaster bomber, which should be visible from other areas, but they don’t say when it’s coming – so keep the camera handy, where ever you are.


Raining stair rods – postpone photo trip?

So far, I’ve heard from one member who can’t make it this evening and another one who thinks it will be too wet, especially for his new camera.

For me – as it has been chucking it down for a while and it is forecast to carry on for the day, I don’t expect to be attending the Newmillerdam shoot this evening.

If things change rapidly, anyone who is going, please let me know and I’ll forward the message to everyone. However, according to my iphone weather app (also known in the family as the ‘samuel never-rght’) there is a 60-70% chance of getting soaked between 6 and 9 tonight.

As the purpose of the trip was to see the sunset, according to the Photographer’s Ephemeris, the Sun is due to set every evening around 9:30, as it shines over the roadway, along the length of the water.

This link photoephemeris.com/tpe-for-desktop takes you to the free on-line version. Scroll down to ‘start using the TPE for Desktop web app’, click it – then in the search box (top left) put ‘Newmillerdam Wakefield’. There’s a free downloadable guide, but the red pin shows the chosen location. Grab it and move it onto the bridge.

The row of boxes below show the bright orange line (sunset time 21:30 tonight). It also shows Moonset, Moon rise, Sunrise and a few other things which someone may understand.

To change the day, click the blue arrows at top left, and clicking the blue clock brings you back to ‘now’. You can also drag the slider along at the bottom of the screen, which indicates the time of day.

Have fun and keep dry.

Watch out for short notice emails/messages for a replacement trip – perhaps in the next few weeks.


Fwd: Next photo shoot visit

Subject: Next photo shoot visit

Good afternoon all

I hope the summer’s been as warm, or wet, as you like it – and long may it continue.

Attached is a small flier for a long weekend (9th, 10th, 11th June) flower festival at St Thomas’ Church, Church St, Gawber, opposite Barnsley Hospice, S75 2RL. I’ve been told that taking photos will be fine, so anyone after some flower pictures should find some good displays here. £3 entry, refreshments available – money raised goes to the good causes indicated on the flier. The church and it’s surroundings also provide some interesting Architectural and Record shots, as well as interesting images for our Landscape and/or Open competitions. Photographs of stonework also provide good tonal Black & Whites.

Monday 5th June is our next photoshoot visit, and having dried out from the last one, I’m all ready to get wet, again, but this time at Newmillerdam.

Anyone interested in this visit, please be at the Emmanuel Church for 6 o’clock (pm), or 6:15/6:20 ish in the car park at Newmillerdam. Parking’s free after 6, I believe.

If anyone needs any practice before that – The Ecclesfield & District Equestrian Club is holding their annual John Rhodes Memorial Show on Sunday 4th (TOMORROW) at the EDEC Club Field (on the A61, opposite junction with Bracken Hill, Sheffield, S35 1RS). For those who haven’t been before, the entry to the field is a small dirt track leading off the A61 on a blind bend. If heading from Tankersley, the safest way to access it for the first time, and make sure you don’t miss it, is to turn into Bracken Lane (High Green), turn round, then drive back out of Bracken Lane – turning right onto A61, then an almost immediate left up the dirt track. You should see the event and cars/horse-boxes in the field. It’s free to spectators and anyone from Barnsley Photographic Society is welcome. This is in a horsey field, and wellies or hiking boots are recommended. Also, don’t forget to bring a sack and a shovel if you want to take away lots of free-stuff for helping your rhubarb grow.

The day’s programme can be found at www.freewebs.com/ecclesfieldridingclub/events/shows/JR_show_2017_v4.pdf and general website is www.freewebs.com/ecclesfieldridingclub/events.htm

They have four rings (event fields) taking place most of the day, from 9/9:30 until about 4/4:30, and this is an event to get some Photojournalism/Sport/Action shots as well as a few Portraits. You can take snacks, flask, sandwiches, etc – or buy some at their kiosks – usually burgers or hot dogs – maybe chips if they’re expecting royalty.

I generally get there for 10 ish, and stay for a few hours, but anyone can come and go whenever they please. Weather forecast looks ‘good to wet’, so it could provide a bit of practice for Monday night’s soaking. In these days of digital cameras, who’d have thought we’d still be doing so much wet photography?