What’s happening on Monday 27th February

Subject: What’s happening on Monday 27th February

On Monday 27th February, we have a guest speaker providing us with a photographic lecture entitled ‘Coal Fields & The Berlin Trilogy’.

Andrew Foley ARPS has visited us before and the photographs he uses in his lectures typically serve to remind everyone that producing an excellent and interesting set of photographs does not start with a massive and expensive photographic kit, big heavy cameras and a large collection of lenses. A good photographer sees or creates the image in their mind’s eye. The camera’s job is simply to hold the sensor still while the lens focuses the scene onto it – capturing the image.

Please make every effort to attend, because Andrew is one speaker not to be missed.

I’m also expecting at least one extra visitor/guest and potential new member to join us for the evening, but others may decide to join us from our Facebook following, being allowed two free guest visits before deciding whether to subscribe.


Fwd: Monday 20th February

Subject: Monday 20th February

Afternoon all

Here’s our Agenda for Monday evening

1 – YPU Exhibition – final date for handing these in to the Competition Secretary (with your £1:50 fee per image). We know there are a few more to come in, and the turn out looks quite healthy again, this year, so thanks to everyone who is having a go. More details on the YPU Exhibition can be found on their website, or from our Competition Secretary.

All being well, that shouldn’t take too long as several YPU images have already been collected.

2 – In preparation for our 3rd Annual Interclub Challenge Match with NICC (New Image CC – at Wath), we are hoping that as many members as possible will bring in a range of their images – which could be competition winners, almost winners, some that should have been winners if it wasn’t for that judge, and some which you just simply like. Put them on a memory stick, set them to the usual digital image size [remember to save as a separate filename so you don’t over-write the original]. We can help with this if you’re not sure – and many of us who think we’re sure also get it wrong or mis-type it, so you’re not alone.

One point to note – when projected, your images will look different to how they look on a computer screen (that could be ‘different better’ or ‘not’) or we may even find a good picture inside the overall shot which you haven’t yet noticed.

As far as I can make out we require images for 3 rounds: (i) 6 x colour print; (ii) 6 x mono print; (iii) 6 x projected image. There is no specific topic/category in any of these as they are all ‘open’, presumably including Altered Reality, as per the YPU latest definitions. Prints will need to be our usual size for the competition and the final size for projected images will be confirmed as soon as we find out the NICC projector size. We can help with arranging prints, mounts and projected image sizes after selection if you don’t have facilities at home or you need help.

We may have a little time left at the end which could be used to help any of our newer members get to grips with aspects of photography or some of our mysterious sounding Society events throughout the year, including the summer photo-shoots which we hope to have arranged for members to choose to go on, should they wish. If you’ve any questions or queries, or ideas and suggestions for interesting photo-shoots, please bring them along tonight.

If we don’t get time to discuss them, you can still let me know about it by email.

see you Monday – and as it’s half term, we should be able to access the room a little earlier to get things ready.

Fwd: What’s happening tonight? Monday 13th February

Subject: What’s happening tonight? Monday 13th February

Dear all

We have a range of things taking place tonight, and here is a list of those I can remember.

Subscriptions: With tonight being the second Monday in February, everyone’s annual subs must be paid up, or membership will end – apart from those who have explained why they are not currently available, but expect to return soon.

Nature Competition Entries: Members are now encouraged to submit up to 3 digital images and up to 2 mounted prints for our competitions. Entries need to be in today – by email, or bring them in on a memory stick, CD, etc, tonight. For new members, or those new to competitions, or if you want a photo-mounting demo and help with getting yours done, please ask for help and we’ll arrange it.

Monthly Themes: Take a picture or two (or more if they’re really really good) each month to represent the monthly themes, then present them all to the members in December, explaining your interpretations. Themes – January was ‘Old & New’; February is ‘The Kitchen’; March will be ‘Abstract’; April – ‘Music’; etc. There are no rules or expectations.

3 way Matching Competition: As mentioned a few days ago – I’ll provide an outline of what they are (helped by any member who can remember them), discuss the challenge we’ve been offered and prepare for an internal matching competition (if there’s enough interest) as a practice before the resurrected November Competition between Dearne Valley Camera Club and Stocksbridge Photographic Society. Round 1 (2017) to be held in November at Billingley (DVCC venue).

YPU Exhibition entries: It is a very time consuming process for our competition secretary to upload copies and details of all entries. This is why the cut-off date for getting your images handed in is next week – 20th February and each entry must be accompanied by the £1:50 YPU entry fee. Again, if you fancy a go, but you’re not sure or need advice, please ask one of us. There are previous examples available for inspection – just ask.

The third NICC interclub challenge competition takes place on Thursday 23rd March at Wath. Next week we will be selecting the images to use according to the latest details we have about the heats of this year’s competition. Next Monday, please bring in any images which you would like to be considered for entry (members decide). There is no charge for entering this competition. The same images can be entered into the YPU, our own competitions and the interclub challenge, but only once in each.

TONIGHT’S ACTIVITY – Mobile phone photography and social media – an introduction to the modern uses of technology and how it can be put to use by and for the members of Barnsley Photographic Society. Recently, news briefings such as this one go to all members and the ‘News section’ of out new website. It also has a direct lik to the Society’s Facebook page, where it also appears. This shares our activities with others, possibly encouraging potential new members, but how can we put it to the greatest use?
This will include open discussions involving the ‘mobile phone photography and social media’ experiences of all members. Feel free to watch and wonder or join in and learn.