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Fwd: What’s On – Monday 9th October

Subject: What’s On – Monday 9th October

I’m sure some of you will have taken some photographs of the Harvest Moon, a couple of evenings ago. It was a clear night and a shame not to have a go. If anyone took any good ones, which they’re not keeping secret for a competition, please bring them in on a memory stick so we can all have a look and discuss them. A simple subject, so what could go wrong? – Lots. Exposure, focus, movement, light pollution, clouds, etc. If you didn’t, while the moon is still quite large, have a go tonight and see what you get.

For Monday evening, we will be looking at things that can go wrong and a few ways to put them right. One trap we all fall into, time and time again, is the dreaded ‘holiday snap’ – where we try to capture everything about a destination or venue, in one image. While we’re there, we feel the atmosphere and we’re familiar with everything about the place. Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t capture all that – just the ‘views’, which can mean little to other people.

Part of what we’ll be discussing on Monday evening is how we can try to find an interesting image within some of these photographs, so please have a look through yours and put a few on a memory stick and bring them in. Together, we’ll try to find the picture within the image recorded by your camera. With modern digital cameras, the file size is usually large enough to allow this and a competition-worthy image can be produced using only a sample area of the whole file. So much so that it is quite a good idea to zoom out (or step back) and crop later. We may even have some moon shots.

WHAT NOT TO FORGET – entries for the Brian Pulman Black & White Competition. That’s the usual (up to) 2 prints and (up to) 3 digital images. For new members, if you’re not sure about this jargon, please ask.

ALSO – bring a few of your images which we can project onto the screen and try to help you find an image in there somewhere which may be competition worthy.


Brian Crossland

Fwd: reminders for tonight

Subject: reminders for tonight

Don’t forget the AV entries, tonight, for those who are entering the competition.

3 Way Matching competition practice – needs everyone, or as many as possible, to bring in about 10-15 photos or the game won’t work. No particular topic, but include some ‘way out’ different ones, you’ll see why as we get started.

The photos should ideally be at least A4, mounted or unmounted (if unmounted, we’ll prop them against a piece of card for display).

We need to split into teams. Each team will need to select about 25 to 35 of all the prints their team members have brought in. We’ll play about 20 rounds, leaving some spare to pick from.

We’ll also need to select an unbiased judge (this may be the biggest challenge of the night) or two members could share this high pressure role.

You guessed – tonight’s meeting will be a bit of fun if enough members take part. If not, we could be home by 8:30 (or there’s always some Dubai pictures)


Fwd: Photoshoot 21st August and ‘Barnsley on Film’

Subject: Photoshoot 21st August and ‘Barnsley on Film’

Evening all

I’ve been asked to circulate the flier, below, round you all as some of you may be interested, or know someone else who may be.

Also – our next and final summer photoshoot is on Monday 21st August – 6pm at the Emmanuel, or 6:20 (ish) at the car park near the cafe/restaurant at Cannon Hall.

If it rains a little, we’ll all get wet. If it rains a lot, you’ll all get wet.

Hope you’ve been keeping the dust off your cameras over the summer.


From: Brian Rowe, Friends of Barnsley Archives.

If possible could you please circulate to your membership the attached flyer giving details of our forthcoming event.

Thank you



Local Photographic Events August and September

If you want any more details, please contact the organisers, as shown on the attached.

The Settle Town Trail to find photos from Settle Photographic Group starts on August 2nd to 20th.
York Photographic Society will be holding a Print Exhibition on 12th and 13th August at Poppleton Tithe Barn, Nether Poppleton.
Settle Photographic Group have a Print Exhibition 26th to 28th August at Clapham Village Hall.
Ripon City Photographic Society will hold an Exhibition of bothe Prints and Digital Projected Images on September 2nd at Allhallowgate Methodist Church Hall.

The Royal Photographic Society National Audio Visual Championships will be hosted by Leeds AV Group on Sept 23rd and 24th at Leeds Trinity University, Horsforth.

More Information on the posters enclosed.

Quick catch up

Evening all

Unusually, I’ve been quiet for a while – visiting a few campsites before the school holidays. We had a few days at Thirsk – James Herriot country and the dog must have known because she didn’t like being on one side of the street. A few days ago we returned from 8 days in the Cotswolds. Nice and picturesque, but nowt to compare to Yorkshire

A quick reminder – cycle race in town on Friday – good for action shots for the Photojournalism, etc, competition, open and B&W perhaps.

21st August – Cannon Hall 6pm photo shoot. Not sure how many will make it to this, but has a decision been made about the best place to park and meet up at Cannon Hall, then those who are meeting/picking up anyone at Emmanuel Church know where to find us? By ‘best’ place to park, I’m using my Barnsley politeness to say ‘park b’art paying’ – as you probably guessed, but it’s only a couple squid for a couple of hours, I think.

Below is some detail from the YPU about this year’s Keighley Day, along with an attached flier about the speaker they have booked for the day. It’s quite a while off, yet, so there will be reminders before then.


To all YPU Clubs,

Please inform your members that the 2017 Alexander Keighley Event Day is now open for booking.

The day will feature highly renowned photographer Joan Blease and will be on Saturday November 18th 2017.

For further details of Joan see her website:

The venue will be the Carleton Community Centre, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 3RJ.
The cost of £25.00 includes refreshments and lunch.
An information poster and booking form is enclosed

Please send payment and the booking form to YPU Treasurer Colin Williams, his address is on the form. (cheques payable to the YPU)


Stephen Dean
(YPU Secretary)